Raising the roof

Raising the roof from Pori to Turku

Add space, safety, and style to your house.

Lännen Laatukatto's roof renovation can also include raising the roof in places where a flat roof is desired to be changed to a gabled roof. Raising the roof often becomes necessary in situations where attic spaces are desired to be expanded for residential use or for the safe storage of utility items. 

With the increase, the reliability of the roof to perform its tasks is also improved; from the gabled roof, water and snow descend more easily, and indeed, a gabled roof undoubtedly looks more majestic. From us, our customers receive solid expertise and experience from several projects in roof raising in Satakunta & Southwest Finland.

If you're interested in raising the roof, turn to us! Since every site is different, we make a plan tailored just for you, on which basis the work can be smoothly completed.

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Raising the roof is a pro's grind.

Because the job involves a lot of demolition, new construction, and knowing quality workflows. Old structures must be extensively demolished and replaced. The chimney should not be forgotten, it has to be built higher, the outer walls raised and many other things must be handled. 

You don't need to know yourself, of course, how to raise a roof, it's our expertise. The roof can be raised either during other roof renovations or separately. Please tell about your situation!

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Let's recap the benefits of raising the roof.

  • Flat roofs are riskier than gabled roofs – they don't ventilate well and moisture damage is lurking maliciously
  • A metal gabled roof lasts longer than the typical flat felt roof
  • With the elevation, more space is obtained for residential or storage use
  • The elevation improves the energy efficiency of the house by adding space for insulation
  • The appearance of the house gets a boost
  • The value of the house gets a boost

Feel free to ask more if you're wondering if it would be possible to raise the roof of your house. We are happy to come and see what kind of work the raising would require, and based on that, we'll make an offer. 

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"I'm very satisfied with everything that happened during the renovation week"

“The old roof was in such a condition that it had to be replaced, and Lännen Laatu-Katto came to make us a new gabled roof. I'm very satisfied with everything that happened during the renovation week. Dealing with them was straightforward and easy, a mutual understanding was found right away. Everything went as smoothly as possible. I've recommended them onward and will continue to do so.” – Ari Vehmainen

Contact us, and we will tell you more about the benefits and stages of roof elevation! You can also call our Quality Number 0800 555 126 (local/long distance charges apply), where customers who have ordered roofing work from us tell in their own words how the service with us played out.