House painting in Rauma, Pori, Turku

Neatly with a brush for beauty and durability.

Wooden house painting ahead? Forget your own brush and leave the project to Lännen Laatu-Katto's professional painters, who have the time and the right tools! Professional exterior painting also saves money, as when the work is done in every way quality, the paint lasts as long as possible. Maintenance painting won't knock on the door too early.

Order house painting from us if you live in the Turku, Rauma or Pori area. If the wooden exterior cladding looks like painting won't save it anymore, we can certainly do a wooden facade exterior cladding renovation.

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When you order house painting from us, you get…

A neat, durable paint surface. Which protects against the weather and extends the lifespan of wooden structures. We only use the best exterior paints!

Surface preparation that ensures adhesion. From thorough removal of impurities to scraping off loose paint, wood protection, and mold prevention treatment before the actual painting is carried out. 

Brushwork for topcoating. That achieves a really neat result! In our hands, exterior painting reaches all spots and corners.

We paint surfaces from wood cladding to window frames, fascia boards, soffits, and even the roof. Your house's original, unique style and appearance remain as they should, also in places like those located in the idyllic Old Rauma wooden house area.

Free evaluation visit for exterior painting:

This is always included in our service, and this way we can provide you with as accurate a price estimate as possible for painting your detached house or even a summer cottage. If you want to see the kind of results we produce, go check out our references

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