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No warmth for the crows, but for you! Order a door and window renovation.

Does your home feel drafty? Windows are leaky and even near the front door seems to have a draft? The warmth produced in a house should not escape so that woolen socks become standard equipment when the weather gets slightly colder. It might be time to get thermal windows and doors for your house, which will reduce heating costs and bring extra warmth!

This energy-saving renovation is a great way to replace old windows and doors with new, insulating low-energy models. As professionals in exterior cladding renovations, you get window and door renovations from us in Turku and Southwestern Finland, Pori and elsewhere in Satakunta.

Tight windows and doors also reduce noise levels. What a wonderful addition if noises from the lively outside world reach inside! Further down the page, you can find more about the benefits of door and window renovations.

Custom-made thermal windows and doors, with additional equipment

The windows and doors you order from us are custom-made - so precise that they fit your house perfectly. The entire door and window renovation is managed with us from planning to installation.

In connection with door and window renovation, we are happy to also fix other functionalities. If you wish, we will install the necessary accessories; grids, replacement air vents, mosquito frames, blinds, holding devices, and handles. Contact us if you were thinking of replacing windows and doors with more energy-efficient versions.

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It's worth renovating doors and windows

A window or door according to your home and taste

Our thermal windows and doors are made according to the dimensions of your home and exactly according to your wishes. From our wide range, you will surely find an option that fits the look of your house!

Clear savings

The thermal loss of a window and door is small, so you save on heating costs. A thermal window and door are also an ecologically sustainable solution, as their lifespan is long.

Insulation improves

Thermal doors and windows have a low U-value. Their structure is hinged and sealed, so there are no more thermal leaks.

Noise level decreases

The amount of noise coming from the street decreases when the insulation of windows and doors is in good condition.

Add space to your home

Well-designed and equipped with ventilation windows, a new window gives a feeling of more spaciousness indoors.

Reduces sun scorching

Our thermal windows reduce harmful UV radiation and the heat of the sun, which prevents the fading of furnishings.

Window cleaning becomes easier

During a window renovation, some glass surfaces are removed. Windows that open inwards also make window cleaning easier.

Maintenance-free and watertight

The outside of the window is entirely decay-resistant and maintenance-free aluminum. The window and flashing guide rain and splash water away from the structure.

Safe and durable

A sturdy thermal door or window withstands well in Finland's demanding conditions and is safe.

Here are the benefits of window and door renovation in a nutshell.

  • Energy is saved
  • Feeling of draft decreases
  • Window cleaning becomes easier
  • Usage safety improves
  • Reduces sun scorching
  • Insulation improves
  • Noise level decreases
  • Adds space to your home
  • Maintenance-free and watertight
  • The value of the house increases

You can always ask us for advice and service if you've considered a window or door renovation but are still deciding from whom to purchase thermal windows and doors. We are local professionals from Pori, who have been serving the Satakunta region for a long time, and now also in Turku and Southwestern Finland for various exterior renovations. We are happy to serve you as well.

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