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Roof renovations from Lännen Laatu-Katto!

Even if you've taken good care of your roof and have been diligently maintaining it, the roof isn't immortal. Eventually, you'll have to replace it with a new one. For some houses, this means renovating a 30-year-old roof, while in others, the roof might serve safely for even up to 50 years.

If your house is nearing this stage, or if the roof is already leaking or otherwise looking bad, it's time to get the necessary roofing repairs! If you live in Satakunta and Southwest Finland area, you can order a roof renovation from us with a full warranty! We renovate tile and metal roofs, as well as summer cottage felt roofs and lock-seam roofs.

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When you order roofing works from us, you get...

A roof installed from Finnish-made materials. Only a locally-made product truly knows what the northern conditions require! Our roof structure withstands harsh weather and heavy snow loads, you can forget about snow removal too.

A roof that reduces heat loss. During the renovation, we fix the insulation by adding thermal insulation to the intermediate roof.

A ventilated and safe roof. We create a high-quality ventilated roof and ridge structure, which improves the ventilation of the intermediate floor and roof and reduces moisture risks. A maximally waterproof and condensation-protected roof with the best rainwater systems and roof safety products is guaranteed safe!

Would you like to know more? Just contact us, and we are happy to tell you about the advantages of our roofs! You can also invite us for a free home visit.

What does a roof renovation cost, how long does it take?

You'll get the most accurate price estimate when you invite us over. Every roof is unique and its condition affects the cost of the renovation. On average, a roof renovation lasts about a week.

"Feel like you're at home" – as the traditional saying from Rauma goes, our service also adapts in this style. We are direct, friendly, and relaxed when dealing with you. But our roofing expertise is top-notch!

Roofing works are handled by Lännen Laatu-Katto, and this has been the case in many local projects, get to know them in our references. We skillfully repair the roofs of the idyllic wooden houses of Old Rauma, respecting the house's value and style.

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