Comprehensive Service

On the Principle of Comprehensive Service

The foundation of our operation is crystallized as a reliable, hassle-free comprehensive service for our customer! Whether you order a roof renovation or any other exterior renovation, we work fully committed to the customer. This way of operating has evolved over the years into a well-organized and easy service model for our customers.

set a
home visit time.

We do
a condition and needs

We make a renovation plan
according to your
needs and wishes.

You'll receive a written
and all-inclusive
contract estimate.

Contract agreement and
appointment of a
site manager in one agreement.

Materials are ordered
from our Finnish contract factories
according to measurements.

Delivery of materials
at the agreed

In the kickoff meeting
we'll go through practical matters
and agree on communication.


We clean up the yard
and remove
construction waste.

Final inspection
and work

We fill out
reception documents,
which entitle to warranty.

"Everything was done to perfection, including the final cleaning. It left a very good feeling."

“Lännen Laatukatto made a new metal roof for us. We got to know them when they made new roofs for the neighboring houses as well. The renovation took place quickly within one week and we were satisfied with everything. Communication went smoothly, the workers were professional and always came to work with a smile. Everything was done to perfection, including the final cleaning. It left a very good feeling.” – Jukka Uusi-Kerttula, Rauma

If you want to hear more directly from our customers about how the work we did for them went, call our Quality Number 0800 555 126 (local rate/mobile rate). We also gladly tell more about our projects and how we might serve you - contact us!