Exterior Cladding Renovation

Exterior Cladding Turku, Rauma & the rest of Satakunta and Southwestern Finland

We dress your home in beautiful, traditional wood cladding.

A refurbished exterior or facade makes a house look like new, whether it needs an exterior paint job or a more comprehensive exterior cladding renovation. The repaired surface provides a neat first impression while also protecting your home. We prefer wood cladding because it's a beautiful and durable choice for a detached house.

Wood cladding can be renewed for all houses, and at the same time, we also fix the insulation. We renovate exterior claddings for homes located in the Turku, Pori, Rauma, Raisio, and other Satakunta & Southwestern Finland areas.

Environmentally fitting, healthy wooden exterior cladding

Wooden exterior cladding always retains its value as the most traditional, healthiest, and most beautiful surface! It breathes, ventilates, and has a warm atmosphere – read more about the benefits of wood cladding! A carefully done exterior cladding by Lännen Laatu-Katto lasts for decades. We are happy to tell more about our projects and give tips for renovating your home's exterior cladding.

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Benefits of Wooden Exterior Cladding

Many reasons why wood cladding is still a favorite among Finns

Prestigious look for your house

The most traditional and beautiful material

Increases the value of the house

New cladding raises the house's value

Wooden exterior cladding is the most environmentally suitable material

The most traditional cladding for Finnish landscape

Most reliable material

Long experience with wood behavior

Durable material

Properly maintained wooden exterior cladding lasts over 50 years

New cladding comes with full warranties

Our building guarantee is 10 years

Wooden exterior cladding

Is the best material in terms of breathability

Cladding renovation is worth it

New cladding also makes selling your house easier

Why a wooden exterior cladding renovation?

Briefly, a beautiful hymn.

  • Most environmentally suitable material
  • Energy efficiency increases
  • Insulation improves, and heat is not wasted
  • Ventilation and air circulation improves
  • Wood cladding is the best in terms of breathability
  • Reliable material; long experience with wood behavior
  • Traditional and beautiful material
  • Prestigious look for your house

Exterior cladding renovation or painting? We always offer a fair assessment!

In the initial survey, we realistically and honestly evaluate which option is better for your house's exterior cladding. If the facade's condition, ventilation, and insulation are good, painting might be sufficient. We assess the situation for each house individually!

Contact Lännen Laatu-Katto when you consider renewing or refurbishing your home's exterior cladding. If needed, an exterior cladding renovation can be done elsewhere in Finland as well.

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"The work met expectations and was just as it should be"

“We have worked with Lännen Laatu-Katto several times. A few years ago, we renewed the roof and the wall cladding. The work was smooth and very professional, with no issues. The work met our expectations and was just as it should be. The workers have been pleasant, and the customer service commendable. I've recommended Lännen Laatu-Katto to others as well.” – Jorma Sainio, Pyhäranta

Contact us if you want to join our satisfied clientele. You can hear more about our service experiences, as told by our customers, by calling our Quality Number 0800 555 126 (local/network charge).