Roof Renovation

Value and health for the house.

Roof renovation for metal, tile, and felt roofs

From Pori to all of Satakunta & Southwest Finland

The roof is the hat of the house, its primary task is to protect your home. It removes and directs rainwater and moisture from temperature changes away from structures, keeping the house and its residents healthy. Indeed, a well-maintained roof is also a pleasure to the eye! A new tile, metal, or felt roof crowning your home will certainly be noticed.

When shouldn't you wait with a roof renovation?

Common problems of an old roof are inadequate ventilation in the upper floor, deteriorated and rusted seals and fasteners, and leaking gutters. Our roof renovation fixes all major and minor problems in Turku, Pori, Ulvila and other areas of Soutwest Finland and Satakunta. We carry out roof renovations only with Finnish products, which are designed to withstand Finnish weather conditions. On average, our roof renovations last one week.

It's also good to remember that sometimes only painting is enough - check out our roof painting service.

Having a roof renovation done before leaks and other issues is much cheaper, and you will also avoid potential health risks caused by moisture damage. We do renovations for both tile and metal roofs, and we also offer locked-seam roofs and felt roofs for summer cottages.

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A roof renovation is a smart investment for many reasons

A new look and posture for your home

A new straightened roof, freshly painted fascia boards, modern rainwater and roof safety systems with new chimney metals... Roof renovation gives a new posture to the entire home!

Protection from the weather

We have designed all new structures to last. The new strengthening roof structure withstands snow loads, and dangerous snow removal work is not needed. We use only Finnish materials, designed for Finland's demanding conditions!

The value of the house rises

A roof renovation typically increases the value of the house more than the cost of the renovation itself. Many do the renovation for their roof just before selling the house!

Improved insulation

When you add insulation to the attic during a roof renovation, you save a nice sum on your electricity bill!

Long-lasting roof

The new roof remains and lasts for decades - from father to son! The lifespan of the whole house increases with a roof renovation.

Low-maintenance roof

As the owner of a new roof, you will avoid expensive and unnecessary maintenance costs.


The roof condenses water into the substructures when temperatures change and the house gives off heat. Heat always rises. If the warm air cannot be released, it condenses and forms moisture below the colder and tighter structure. The ventilated roof and ridge structure made in Lännen Laatukatto's way improve the ventilation of the intermediate floor and roof. At the same time, the risk of moisture formation from heat leaks in the insulation decreases.

Safe roof

Your new roof is safe; it is protected against condensation, waterproof, and has modern functionalities. Modern rainwater systems and roof safety products ensure safety. You can sleep peacefully, as the safety risks disappear after the renovation!

Full warranty

You get your new roof with full warranties, so the responsibility is on us. We grant long warranties for both the work and the materials.

High-quality Finnish materials

We invest in high-quality materials. All the materials we use are Finnish, designed for Finnish conditions.

Layers of the new roof structure

This is how it's made.

Base layer

  • Inspection of structures and insulations
  • Removal of decayed parts
  • Strengthening the structure
  • Straightening the roof


  • Ventilation of the structure below the underlayment
  • Condensation-protected underlayment
  • Batten space ventilation
  • Ventilated ridge structure

Surface layer

  • Beautiful and durable exterior
  • Finnish roofing material of your choice
  • Designed for Finland's demanding conditions

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"We have been particularly satisfied with the quality of the work done"

“The roof that needed renovation was renewed and insulated, and the chimney was also repaired at the same time. The service was good and very professional. We have been particularly satisfied with the quality of the work done – everything was done properly and finished down to the fascia boards and corner tidying. We are really satisfied.” – Tomi Walkealaakso, Rauma

This is what a customer who ordered a roof renovation from us says. If you want to hear more customer experiences, you can call our Quality Number 0800 555 126 (local/mobile charge) or contact us directly.