Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Turku, Pori & Rauma - throughout the regions

Tired paint? The house starts to recover when you ask us to paint!

If the exterior wall paint of the house starts to crack, blister, or peel, it's time for exterior painting. Paint that has deteriorated does not protect as it should, nor does it flatter your home. When Lännen Laatukatto does the exterior painting, your house gets the refreshment it needs!

We do exterior paintings in the towns of Turku, Pori, Lieto, and Rauma as well as in other nearby municipalities in Satakunta and Southwestern Finland. By agreement, we also perform exterior paintings elsewhere in Finland. If it looks like exterior painting is no longer sufficient, an exterior cladding renovation will save the day.

With us, only experienced painters work on your exterior cladding, using only high-quality tools and products to ensure a very neat, durable surface. Contact us if you want a new look for your house or when the cladding surface demands it! Order exterior painting from us!

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When not rushed with the base, a durable surface is achieved!

In exterior painting, the preparatory works are paramount for achieving a high-quality finish. At Lännen Laatukatto, we don't compromise at all on the base treatments before painting, as they significantly determine the final paint quality.

We paint your house exteriors neatly with brushes, including not only the exterior cladding but also the roof, fascia boards, eaves, walls, and window frames. We guarantee a beautiful finish. Contact us when you're looking for facade or exterior painting professionals or need advice on exterior renovation!

This is how exterior painting progresses

  • Dirt and impurity removal
  • Thorough and necessary scraping of loose paints
  • Wood protection
  • Mold treatment before painting
  • Spot painting
  • Surface painting

With us, it's always done more thoroughly - exterior painting is available in areas of Satakunta and Southwesten Finland, and if needed, elsewhere in Finland too.

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Our customers tell more about their service experiences with us when you call our quality number 0800 555 126 (local/long-distance charge). Of course, you can also contact us directly; we'd love to discuss your wishes and the possibilities of exterior painting for your specific project.