Protect your life.

10-year warranty 

Roof Renovations.

Leakage and moisture in the roof? Don't wait for damage, but inspect and repair the roof in time. You won't expose yourself to health risks, and it won't make a big dent in your wallet.
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Exterior Cladding Renovations

Time to upgrade your home? Dress your house in beautiful wooden cladding, which provides necessary protection. The wooden cladding also fits lovely into the Finnish landscape. 

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Thermal windows and doors

Don't let the warmth go to waste; keep it for yourself! With window and door renovations, your old windows and doors are replaced with new insulating, low-energy models. 
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Exterior Painting.

Notice any paint issues like bubbling, flaking, or cracking? Don't wait! Refresh your home's exterior with a timely paint job for beauty, protection, and overall home health.
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We trust that our customers trust us.

Call the Quality Number 0800 555 126 (local call charge), and we can connect you to either a salesperson or a random customer who will tell you about their renovation experience with us.

Call the Quality Number 0800 555 126

Quality roofs now also available throughout Turku & Soutwest Finland

We now serve the entire west coast area: all roofing services are also available in Turku and other parts of the region. Contact us, and we'll take a look at what's going on with your roof!

Roof and facade renovation from Pori to Satakunta, Turku to Southwest Finland

Only the best for west coast.

Lännen Laatukatto – the name delivers the service and a little more! We renovate all roofs, perform needed roof renovations, replace exterior cladding, windows, and doors, and install solar panels. These actions improve the condition of your house, increase its comfort, and prevent energy wastage. 

Our service area extends from Pori to Rauma, Ulvila, and the entire Satakunta region, as well as from Turku to Naantali, Laitila, and throughout Southwest Finland. Our clients include households, housing companies, and businesses. We offer roof and facade renovations, as well as solar energy solutions. 

This is how we execute roof renovations and other exterior renovations

When you have plenty of properties behind you, you can proudly claim to know something.

That's what happens when you invest in expertise and service! We gain customers, and it's essential for us that they are satisfied. We have renovated almost 2,000 detached houses. Working with us is straightforward, and all tasks are easily completed at once. 

We know that our customers will speak honestly about us – in a good way. That's why the Quality Number appears on our site. When you call it, you can be connected to a customer who has already ordered a renovation from us and will share their experience with us. Calling the number only costs the local call charge from your operator.

Request an offer if roof renovations or other facade repair matters are current!

Renovations flexibly with financing. 

Santander's Purchase Financing is a cardless financing product that allows you to make purchases with a monthly installment suitable for you, both small and larger ones. Purchase Financing gives you the opportunity to distribute your costs by breaking down a larger one-time purchase into smaller installments.

You can also take advantage of a top benefit and pay for your purchase only six months later.

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See our renovation projects.

Get to know our projects and feel free to contact us. We promise that when a roof renovation, facade renovation, or another renovation is done in the Lännen Laatukatto way, your home will get the best possible result. Roof, facade renovations, and other renovation sites from Pori to Turku and closeby reagions.

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